Doom Thoughts

The original Doom, made by id software, is not an easy game. But it’s the difficulty of Doom that gives the game its charm. It took around 10 minutes to find the controls to properly play Doom and it took about 2 hours to get used to them. Looking left and right came easily and I eventually learnt that control fired the equipped weapon. However, figuring out how on earth to open a door was very frustrating, I spent most of the ten minutes running around the first room thinking I had missed something. I also eventually found the strafing keys and the sprint button after progressing through the entire keyboard one key at a time. After finding the controls, the next hardest thing to do is to try and aim. This is because aiming in Doom is very difficult to adapt to after coming from modern FPS mechanics. With no vertical rotation and with the horizontal rotation being stuck to a collection of large segments, the distant enemies are extremely difficult to kill without wasting precious ammo. Navigation is also difficult in Doom. The player has an extremely large amount of inertia and rotating the camera takes so long, you really have to pray that there isn’t a guy with a shotgun behind you because it’s going to take you thirty seconds to see him after he shoots you. The last thing you need to get used to in Doom is the positioning of the controls on the keyboard. This was probably much easier for people playing around release since they had nothing else to compare it to, but for me coming from many FPS games that all have a very similar control scheme, it’s gonna take some serious getting used to. I found that my ring finger and pinky would regularly lose the strafing arrows and I would end up being murdered in a corner in my panic. But I can’t blame id software for their controls or their choices surrounding Doom, They had nothing to base their control scheme of and were part pioneering FPS games for the world.

While Doom is frustrating it was very fun to play through the first episode, Knee-Deep In The Dead. There was an immense amount of satisfaction when I was able to complete the levels I would repeatedly get stuck on or when I would successfully clear a room of enemies without taking a single hit. I would get a great sense of excitement and joy when i stumbled across a secret (which was rarely might I add) and i felt that was able to finally beat the level this time. I found that, while the goals were difficult at times to achieve, they were quite simple to understand and helped guide me through the game. When I would find doors that required the red, yellow or blue key to enter i knew that they were important and that I’d need to find the key to continue. Rather than having an abundance of doors and rooms with no direction to go, I had simple direction and explanation for challenge. Lastly i was really impressed with the way the enemies interacted with each other, if one accidentally shot the other, they would completely forget about the player and start fighting one another. Overall it was a great experience and I would be willing to purchase the rest of the game and play through it.


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