Dys4ia thoughts

Dys4ia is an interesting, short game. It’s a game that describes a person’s experience with hormonal therapy. It appears to be a way for the creator to vent their frustration with how the world treats them and it uses interesting mechanics and aesthetics to convey the frustration the the player. The game is made up of a collection of short sometimes uncompletable minigames , most with no end or an unobtainable end. The game uses large pixelated text to tell the story as the player progresses through the minigames. However, the creator has timed the transition between the minigames to break the flow of gameplay. This has been intentionally done in an attempt to  cause frustration or at least disorientation. By doing so the player is able to somewhat relate to the creators frustrations. Timing is an important piece of game design from what I have seen and it is important to consider the way it can help convey your desired motif. Another case where timing is made use of is in Halo. The designers of halo specifically chose the time between sniper rifle shots to allow the player to have flow between kills. If the player was able to fire more times per second then they would feel disoriented and not get the satisfaction from a kill, but alternatively if they can’t shoot fast enough they can feel powerless and would most likely choose to not use the sniper rifle. You can see more detail here: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1012211/Design-in-Detail-Changing-the. Timing is obviously something that makes or breaks a game. I can make a game fun or make people regret buying it. Timing is difficult to get right the first time as the video says, but I hope that when I need to choose the timing of a situation that I can go with my gut to match the intended purpose.


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