Why we read

The critique industry is a large and important part of today’s society. However, not many people see it that way. Many people today see the critique industry as a group of people who are paid to whine and complain about games or films that didn’t meet their standards. Austin Walker has written an article that hopes to reveal the true intent of film and game critiques. He states that critiques do not directly intend on changing what they critique, but instead say what they believe and hope that maybe someone will listen to them and agree with them. He speaks about some of his own experience with poor feedback on his reviews. He wrote one review of “The Witcher 3” in which he stated that he’d liked to see more people of colour in the game. He was then attacked by the masses of the internet accusing him of trying to spread his american culture across all foreign things because “The Witcher 3” has Polish and Slavic heritage. The situation he ended up in is like an internet minefield, but he handled it well by writing that he understands what it is like to be on the receiving end of the tidal wave that is american culture. He ended by saying that it’s tough unpacking issues like this but sometimes reviewers get so close to game that they like that they see the flaws. But this doesn’t make them love the game any less.
In the game design industry, game critiques can be both a helping hand and the hand that drags you down. There is an abundance of helpful points within the critique world that game designers can use to better their games. But there is also a risk of taking what is written in a review personally, to have your hard work pulled apart isn’t always a fun easy experience.


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