‘Gone Home: Console Edition review’ – thoughts

Gone Home: Console Edition review

I found this article by going to the metacritic website. On the front page about mid way down they have a ‘Top games’ list sorted by either critic score or user score. There at the top of the list was a game that I love. Gone Home. Opening the Gone Home page brought me to the list of reviews that gave it an average of 90. The highest of these review gave a brief description about art taking mundane things and giving them meaning. I totally agreed, so I read.

The article is a simple review. It doesn’t get all upset about the lack of ‘gameplay’ in the game or how the game has been named a walking simulator. But instead spoke about the experience. Mentioning at multiple points that it is more like reading a book than it is like playing a game. Its interesting to read reviews like this because they bring our attention back to our limited understanding of what ‘art’ is. We think art is a painting worthy of a museum, or a song to be sung on a stage. Not a game. It is this limited understanding and limiting definition that restricts more beautiful games like Gone Home being created. It is exactly what’s holding the games industry from becoming a fully recognised art form. The definition of art needs to change, because the world’s emptier when it stays still.


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