Looking into the crystal ball

Future trends are very difficult things to predict. With new things being introduced and old trends returning,  its confusing. Games in particular seem to be heading towards online streaming of video games, called Cloud Gaming. This is the ability to stream games from a server to your computer or other device, allowing you to play the game at optimum running speeds without needing the expensive parts, like watching netflix without buying the movies/tv shows or owning an actual blu ray player. Places like Playstation Now and NVIDIA GeForce Now already offer the ability to stream certain games to your home. There have been others in the past, such as OnLive and Gaikai, that have recently shut down. While this may appear to be a bad thing, they were both purchased by Sony before their closing. This is a good evidence that cloud gaming will become a large service soon. Currently, however, it is difficult to make the service wide spread with the limitations of internet speed. ESPECIALLY IN AUSTRALIA!

Anyway, Of course there are ups and downs to this possible trend. It would be great for faster spreading games, allowing people to play high end requirement games on macbooks (LOL). It would allow a faster increase in graphical features for games, having only high end machines running all game. But it would almost entirely destroy the modding community. A mod for those who do not know is a modification of an original game, creating a range from whole new games to simple alterations, like the elephant below. But back to the point. With the introduction of cloud gaming there would be a lot less user created content for games that don’t specifically create functions to allow it, and spreading mods would become even haredr because of the limiting platform. And how could we live without our precious mods?

But as a game designer, I might have to be ready for any unforeseen ways that cloud gaming could affect games development or any other possible future trend for that matter. But since I lack the help of Doctor Emmett Brown, I will have to just be flexible and ready to adapt to what changes will come.


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