Play with toys

The two toys I have chosen are “G.I. Joe Falcon Glider and Viper Glider” and “Barbie loves McDonald’s play set”.



  • G.I. Joe Falcon Glider and Viper Glider
    • Light weight
    • Wings
    • Attachment point for G.I. Joe action figures
    • Allows kids to throw the toy and let it glide for a distance until it lands
  • Barbie loves McDonald’s play set
    • A counter
    • A booth
    • Drink machine
    • Burgers, food trays, milkshake cups, other fast food kitchen items

Some games that could be played with these toys are:

For the G.I. Joe gliders, See how far you can make the glider go without touching the ground. Or Hit a target with the glider.

For the Barbie set, Role playing the fast food service for Barbie and Ken, barbie can be both customer or worker in the roleplay.

The two toys are quite simple and were not too difficult to design forms of play for. However, the “barbie loves McDonalds” set was more difficult because there is not a specific goal that can be described for the play, only roleplaying. The gliders were much easier to design play for because they have a random element in their flight, which can be manipulated into a competition.


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