Influences galore

This list is made up of the things that influenced me. A large amount of them are game, but some are song, directors or books. I also put something of my own creation in. This may seem weird, but I have my reasons. I was not influenced by myself (I’m no Kanye), but I was influence by the creation of it. I felt so inspired as I wrote the story. The feeling of pouring myself into it was just exhilarating. It made me want to create stories like it. That could allude to things and never showed the full picture.Some of the things in the list are linked. There’s a collection of puzzle games that I absolutely loved. There’s a few things that all convey a similar emotion. A feeling I can only describe as a helpless scream into the void. There’s some others in there as well, but they all are important influences on where I want to go with my career. You can find the pinterest board HERE to learn more and decide who I am for yourself..


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