A whole lot of screenshake

Wasteland Kings is a game that I purchased when it was being developed for game jam, Mojam 2. I played and enjoyed it at the time, but after watching ‘The art of screenshake’, I had a whole new perspective on it.It uses almost every element spoken about in the video, wich makes the game incredibly satisfying to play. There is a load of screen shake, which makes every shot even more satisfying. Every weapon affects your player’s position when fired, giving a sense of weight to every weapon. Every corpse remains until you leave the level, giving a clear reminder of the power of your weapon and the skill you had to defeat them. Every bullet casing remains on the ground for a short amount of time to make the battle scenes feel more realistic and more chaotic. As every bullet collides with either an enemy or a wall, there is a small explosion animation. This creates a greater sense of impact, even when you miss. Massive, oversized bullets give a great sense of chaos to the combat, making it all the more satisfying.
The overall goal of wasteland kings was a simple and entertaining roguelike. So it’s obvious that the game portrays an aesthetic of submission. It does this by making every small part of the game stimulating and satisfying. The game does not take long to play, but every time you die, you feel the immediate urge to play again. This is because even death is a satisfying experience with the animations of Wasteland kings. Doing this creates a simple and easily repeated play, making an aesthetic of submission.


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