Art of Screenshake

In the video “The art of screen shake” by Jan Willem Nijman, Jan Nijman progresses through adding parts to a game to create ‘feeling’. He added things like Kickback, screenshake, explosions, big bullets, cartridges and permanence. These things  create feedback loops to reinforce the joy of shooting and moving. He added some things to encourage different types of play, such as the full body kickback to encourage player to let go of the fire button when walking forward, or the strafing ability to let the player fight more comfortably, rather than wrestling the controls. It’s features like this that give the player reasons to actually play the game. Give a sense of satisfaction to the player, causing them to want to continue playing. I would need to use techniques like these to create my game for my next assessment. Things like camera lerping and adding meaning will be especially important to making a game with the aesthetic of sensation.


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