The writer will do everything

“The writer will do something” is a very intriguing experience. The game puts you in the position of a writer for a AAA game in the middle of a meeting that will make or break the game. The game depicts your job as the person who writes basically every piece of prose that will be in the final game, this includes dialogue, scripts, cutscene breakdowns, game manuals and in-game prose. However the game being created is the third in a successful series, and you haven’t played any of the previous games. The game puts forward the idea that writers must be able to take the story ideas given to them and be prepared to fit them to many different models and styles at a moment’s notice. They must then be ready to take all the blame for the ideas failure. I believe it’s an accurate representation of a poorly organised AAA game development situation. It creates believable characters and does a great job at creating stress for the player, with short sharp sentences and giving the player false senses of security at multiple points in the game. Even if this is not what a true game writer’s experience is, the game uses many methods to make the player believe  it is true. Even though it is unlikely that a game writer would have never played the previous games, it’s believable, and makes the story easy to accept.


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