Good old copyright…

Copyright, what a dreaded topic. But what an important topic, also. Copyright is an important part of today’s society. It is what many people rely upon for income and is a key encourager for creators. However, the definitions within copyright are difficult to keep up to date with the newest ideas in creation. Along with poor definition, piracy is almost impossible to manage, and it runs rampant against creators. One method that appears to be decreasing piracy is to make things affordable and accessible. However this takes away money from lower end creators and makes it very difficult to get started in any creative industry. The popular get rich and the uncommon and beginning figures get scraps. Spotify is one platform that have used this method for the music industry, read more here. After having read a blog post, by SAE Creative Institute, briefing the laws about copyright, I realised that I was already quite aware of the laws of copyright, but there was a large amount of detail that I was not aware of. The blog post reaffirmed my understanding of when copyright is applied and how long it last for. But I learnt that copyright only protects the expression of an idea, not the idea itself. This  is intriguing to me because this means it is more important to record ideas then tell people, because if you tell someone your idea, you are likely to lose the creation to that person. Another odd thing that I discovered is the concept of fair use, which allows content creators to comment on another piece of work and not be infringing copyright… sometimes. Hank green, entrepreneur and vlogger, talks about the strange workings of fair use in america and the way corporations deal with fair use.



I believe the laws of copyright are very important to all creators, I think the protection of my creations is a key encourager for me to create and share my creation. If a country was to be filled with creators who never shared their work, how would we know what they created? How would they become better at creating? However, with the ever increasing popularity of the internet, copyright is being bent and dodged left right and centre. So it needs to be updated or rehashed.


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