Fame is frightening

After having read most way through the SAE blog post about Social Media in careers, I felt like using social media to create a better industry presence was something that I could do. I felt that i could put myself out there and that I would have a reasonable chance to be recognised by the right people to get me where I want to go in the games industry. But then I watched the video about Phil Fish. I then began to consider if I wanted to even risk the backlash of putting your whole self freely onto the internet for all to see and judge.

Phil Fish’s story, while a rare occurrence, is a truly terrifying one. Having to close off your entire internet life because you are openly and widely hated would be awful. While it can be argued that he instigated the aggression he received, the backlash was quite ridiculous. His connection and activity on Tigsource brought him his fame but then brought his downfall. So how much interaction is enough? Or is it the way you interact that is important. I feel that there is no perfect ‘cure all’ for interacting with the community, because no community is the same. The SAE blog post mentions the OKCupid ratings and how more approachable people got harassed less, but were also given less ‘5 star’ ratings. This demonstrates the difficulty of dealing with a community, there is no perfect way to become recognised without receiving backlash. But anonymity also brings aggression, the ability to hide who you are comes like a rush of blood to the head. You can get overconfident and start picking fights. This can be alright when no one knows or cares who you are, but if and when recognition comes, the overconfident people start to turn on you. Using your overconfidence to slander you while justifying yourself. This all happened to Phil Fish, he became overconfident when his name was small. He got into fights and he angered a lot of people. So when his work became recognised, they fought back. Phil Fish did what most internet users do, but the fame just happened to land in his lap when he was doing it.

I hope I can learn from this. To learn what I can from the story of Phil Fish to prevent me from having to shut out the internet the way he did. I can’t guarantee my success in keeping a community pleased, I can’t even count on there being a community for me to disappoint if I couldn’t. But to try and learn something; There’s something I can do.


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