Building houses for Pigs

This week I played Angry Birds. It’s a very interesting game, very individual when it started, not anymore of course. The way they slingshot functions with the different kinds of birds means that the game focusses very little on the solid ground in the levels, but instead it focusses on what moves about. And an interesting and very key part of completing each level in angry birds is the birds, that love to dance about next to the slingshot. The order that these birds line up is how the game presents the tools the player has to complete the puzzle. But while angry birds is different, it still presents a space meant to mock a battle ground, with your side and the pigs side. Each level presents the level to you and if you know what you’re doing you can check for weak spots and find where to target.


As the game progresses it introduces you to new birds one by one. Each new bird comes with a collection of levels that will steadily teach you how to use the birds abilities to deal with new problems and how they can work with other birds. This is a really good presentation of the levels and their construction must be very interesting. I think if I were to make a level for Angry Birds, I would probably start with a structure of the level, ignoring the type of blocks used but paying attention to their shape. After it is structurally sound and interesting, I would begin choosing the birds to be used in the level. This list of birds would decide the block types being used, so that there can be obvious or not so obvious weak points. Things like the blue birds would mean more glass blocks, yellow birds would mean more wood, and stone would be suited to bomb birds. This would create levels that suited the presented birds while appearing interesting and fun.
I’m interested to discover the methods that Rovio use for creating their angry birds levels, I’m sure they have a very clever and simple method for creating those strangely addictive and intriguing levels.


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