The End is Nigh

I’ve learnt about methods of applying explosive damage, asset packs, how to display 3d text as a part of the world, how to work with Unity VR, some components and abilities of the navmesh agent, how to use enum state switches for various purposes, how to primitively animate objects movement and how to call and transition between these animations.

So a trimester is coming to an end once again. It’s been a tough one this time around, but I’ve learned mountain loads of knowledge that will be key to my future within the course and within the world afterwards.

I have learned methods to apply explosive damage within unity through my shmup game and my physics based cannon game, I also learnt how it can be similar methods can be used to apply area of effect damage and area knock back with my final wave surviver game and the fps based game. I gained a more in depth knowledge of how to well use asset packs from the unity asset store by purchasing and utilising a low poly pack in my projects. I learned some small things about unity shaders when I needed to get some 3D text to appear to be a part of the world rather than float in front of everything else. I gained some experience with the steam VR plugin for unity when I worked on my Cookie Defense VR game which I have now released a version of on to I learned many things about unity’s navmesh agent while becoming very frustrated with the many errors I have encountered, but I do believe I can more easily repeat these processes now that I have learnt so much. As I said in the previous week, I have learnt a large amount about enum state switches and I am very excited to continue learning about where my new knowledge can lead me in the world of programming. And finally, have learned about how to primitively animate things within unity and how to use these animations to trigger events. But even with these magnificent new skills, I still have lots more to learn and I am very excited to keep learning new skills and applying the ones I have already learnt.

I have a project that I am a part of coming up in the next few weeks and I hope to greatly expand my programming knowledge when taking part in it. However, I hope to even greater expand my design skills and knowledge in this project, due to the fact that I am taking on the role of lead designer for this project. But of course this is not my only upcoming project and I know there will be endless more opportunities to expand and practise my programming and designing skills. It’s thrilling to think of the possibilities.


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