Art is hard

So, I had to make some art for my Mario 1-1 recreation. Now, I’m no artist, so I wasn’t planning on making something amazing. But I did decide to do my best. I decided to first draw the basic shapes and make a simple crude recreation of what the original Mario images would look like, then cut them up and shuffle them about. Here is an example of my first drawing of Mario:


This was where I started, I then continued to cut Mario up and make this horrible monster:

mario 1.png

(his life is pain)

As you can see, It’s not really Mario’s day. But I continued to do this for each asset until I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Here’s a few particularly horrifying ones.

mushroom.pngshell2.pnggoomba 1.png

Now while these don’t particularly resemble any of Marcel Duchamp’s work, I do believe they deliver a similar shock that he strived to deliver with everything he did.


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