So I’ve been doing a thing

So I’ve been working on a personal project. I’m not really certain what to call it, it doesn’t even have a name. The document has been aptly named “maybe”, so I guess I’ll roll with that for now. Currently the project has been a way for me to practise my skills with level design and environment decoration. To practise this, I have been building rooms with no particular aim just yet. I’ve just been steadily adding one room at a time.


The original purpose was to better understand a particular unity tool that allows you to create complex 3D shapes within unity. It is called ProBuilder.

Currently the rooms are best experience in VR, but this was not the original intent. When I began building them, I added the SteamVR plugin to the project as a later possibility, but upon pressing play I discovered that the standard camera was displaying the game in my headset. After messing around for a bit inside the headset, I just began scaling everything to fit naturally with what the human eye would expect.

I hope to eventually create more targeted rooms with a specific character in mind, being able to describe the person by the way they leave their room. But to do this I will need to create my own 3D models so that they can better convey an individual’s personality.

After I can practise the targeted rooms more I would love to be able to then create a narrative game out of the skills I’m developing. Some sort of journey through a Student share house. But those ideas are still in their infancy, can concrete anything in yet. For now I think I’ll continue practising my skills.


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