Super Marcel Bros.

This past week I remade Mario World 1-1 with a new art style as a part of the ‘What thou art’ game jam. Each person who took part was assigned an artist that they would have to attempt to replicate in their new version of Mario 1-1. I was assigned Marcel Duchamp, famous for his work in cubism and his ability to shock his viewers. Here is some of his work:

portrait-of-chess-players  nude-descending-a-staircase  transition-of-virgin-into-a-bride

I see in his work that he displays multiple different versions of the same scene at once, displaying a form of motion while not entirely painting a true image. He regularly infers shapes and images rather than creating lifelike images. Now I was definitely not going to be able to recreate this as well as it should have been done in the week and a bit I had. So I decided to sit down with Photoshop and do my very best. I’ll go into more detail about the process in another blog.

After I had created my assets, I found that it is actually not a simple job recreating Mario. Mario moves in a very specific way, and it is very difficult to recreate this with the engines we have today without going into excessive programming, and since we only had a week and a bit(some of which was gone by this stage) I decided to do a quick botch job and get everything that I wanted into the game before refining any elements so that even if what I had was terrible, I’d still have something.

Then once the base, botched version was complete I had some people test it, I discovered that people really didn’t like my botched movement, but were fine with all the other elements of the game. So I prioritised fixing the movement.

I would have liked to add a lot more features than I did and would have liked to have the Goombas functioning the way that they should, rather than the shameful imitation I created. I feel that if I had spent more of my starting time researching about how mario moves and how other people have gotten their own remakes (because they have to exist) to work. If I had done this I think I would have been able to enter into the programming side of this project with much more planned out than I did. I also feel like my choice of visuals style to convey Marcel Duchamp’s work was rather uninventive. I could have taken some more time to consider the way I interpret his work to than create something more interesting than a simple reskin. I could have embraced the style that portrait of chess players uses to create a level that is entirely viewed at once, but is made up of a large collection of cameras with different shapes, so that the player walks between the multiple views, while looking at all of them. That would certainly have been shocking.


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