Incident reworking

So after some feedback I realised that the theme for my team’s game was not fitting with our mechanics. So I thought it was time for a incident rework. The previous incident was about a man falling from his pony and attempting to sue his pony, in true ‘Florida man’ fashion. But this incident was too jovial and lacked the ability to link the players in with the incident. Florida man only works as a headline, not a story. So after some more terrible ideas, I came up with the idea that maybe our town has decided to make a new landmark, but they can’t decide what to make it. The new incident would be about the town’s troubles deciding and the issues that would arise with it. This new issue let players connect more with the possible result. Because the an incident like this can tell more stories than Florida man headlines.  But of course, this cannot be set in stone until we do some more playtesting with this new incident. But I doubt we will be able to change due to time restrictions. 


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