Playtesting recap

So we did some playtesting for our Video(board) Game, and well… It went like playtesting often does. It was never intended to go smoothly, and would not be useful if it did. We had people test the basics of our game to try and see how people interacted whilst playing our game. The players seemed to be arguing too much over the finer details of our cards rather than the possible outcomes that the cards would produce.

Image result for frustration gif

This was not ideal, since it seemed that players were more confused than engaged. To counter this, we decided to take the response cards and remove the detail from them, by making them single words rather than sentences. This let players digest the responses quicker once the arguing began. We also decided to extend the arguing time because players seemed to waste a large amount of their time digesting the other cards. So now the we have reworked our timer and our response cards it’s time to move on to more testing to see the results of these changes.


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