So I built a house

So a few months back I took part in a small project with some friends in which we attempted to make a horror game. Optimistic I know. But since I was the only designer on the team, I spent a lot of my time beforehand preparing for the project. The first thing I did was research some horror settings. One the lead developer really wanted to reproduce was the Enfield Haunting. So after watching a ‘documentary’ on the enfield haunting, I decided to draw some possible basic layouts for the level. Heres what I came up with


This gave us two stories(three if you count the attic) Which I thought was plenty of space to create the game for the size we hoped for. After drawing this, I decided to fill in the detail for the contents of the rooms, so I could get a better idea of the models we’d need.


So with these planned out, I took the plans and began a list of models we’d need. I took a lot more inspiration from the Enfield Haunting when I was creating this list. Here’s what I came up with.


My next course of action was to build a prototype level. I was using a new tool, so creating the prototype doubled as practice with the tool. The first version of the house ended up like the image bellow. It was a decent version, but had a lot of flaws when you looked closer at the parts. Many pieces of the the house had overlapping edges and some surfaces would flicker. The second version of the house, shown in the two lower images, was much more refined than the first(obviously). I changed many of the rooms slightly to make them much more interesting and memorable.


This is as far as my design input went mostly for this project. We did not end up finishing the project and I am not sure whether the team plans to return to it. But I did learn quite a bit about the new tool during the project, so not all is lost! And with these new skills I went on to make more interesting rooms for my personal project.


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