Looking back at Cookie defense VR

So awhile back I made a Virtual Reality wave shooter (wow how innovative) and I thought it was time I did a post mortem. The original idea for this the wave shooter was to take a game I took part in developing during the may ‘Make a thing’ jam. The game was a a 2D wave defender that was themed around firing sound waves at children attempting to steal the players cookies. After a discussion with a friend of mine, who happens to be a VR developer, I was convinced that the  gamejam game could make a potential VR game. So I had a go and threw a little thing together that ended up like this.

I thought this was fun initially, so I thought I’d continue my work on it adding something to shoot at and refining the firing mechanics further. This did end up being fun to mess around with, but I began to feel it was missing a key part of what makes VR special. That thing that makes VR special is the ability to be surrounded by the play space, rather than having it presented in front of you. So i took the play space from one lane as you can see in the video above and created 7 more, to surround the player with the game, rather than presenting it to them front on. But I found this new 360 attack angle made me disoriented when I played. So I decided I needed to decorate the spaces between lanes so that  I could remember which way I was facing.

This ended up a bit like this.

I then decided to let some people play test it in this half made form, because I wasn’t sure what direction to take it. So I let my grandparents have a go.

Here’s a video of my Grandmother playing a build of my game.

By this point I really did not know where to take the game to further the experience. So I decided I would just simply add a leaderboard of sorts and a menu then call it a wrap. This resulted in what I released on itch.io which can be found here or can be seen in this video: 

I really would have liked to have my own custom models for the weapon and projectiles, and the enemies are quite boring and may have too much poly’s for how much load they should take up. They also may have over complicated code that probably ended up taking up more power than needed. The menu also has no description of the controls at all, so the game doesn’t exactly accept new players easily.


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