How do I Art Bible?

I was very uncertain about how to structure an art bible. Especially one for this level of work, All the reference documents I found were very much focussed on larger projects that had concept artists as well as 3D modelers/animators. So, because I could not find anything that matched our project scale, I decided to Jump straight into something at least. The first thing I threw into the document was our colour palette, since that was already decided upon and it is a major limiting factor to the visuals of our game. After having written this down, I went on to describe our visual art style with how the models would be shaped and textured with these colours. Briefly describing the lowpoly aspect of the models and the cartoonish, minimal text texturing. This resulted in the groundwork for all of the rest of the model descriptions that I then put later. These descriptions went into further detail for each model, some giving reference images for specific shapes and styles that we were hoping to have within our game. For example, the ceiling lights, when I envisioned them, I thought of a very specific light style that swept outwards to direct the light down. Like this image:


There was many that didn’t get any visual reference, but all were described in all the known detail known currently, I’m certain there will be adjustments to the majority of the description along the way. 


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