Fleshing out the Sound

So we had a meeting with the audio guys for Floob, the jelly cube, in which we discussed in more detail what we wanted from them. We spoke about what the specifics of our character controller would sound like, as well as some sounds to be used in specific sections of the level. Some examples of these sounds would be how the jelly cube sounds when hitting a wall or what the shooting would sound like. Some specific special pieces of audio would be the fridge door being opened, and some custom ending sounds clips. We discussed the finer details of some trial sounds for the player controller and the ‘wetness’ of the samples. We also put some time into how we wanted the menu to sound and how the menu would introduce the game. We decided upon a comical reading of the game’s title, so that we could bring across the feel of the game quickly.  There is a recording of this meeting that we are trying to get from the two audio guys that has more details and information. <insert link to recording>


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