I dropped a box

So I made some sound! It was certainly a strange experience, creating sounds for Floob. It all began with me looking for cardboard boxes I could drop so I could get sounds for when the boxes in our game would fall. This took some time and some strange looks as I stood and dropped a tissue box on a table trying to find a sound that I felt worked. Once I found that I wanted a tissue box and an unopened cereal box, the next step was to record! This step consisted of me sitting on the floor in my study trying to make as little noise as possible while using my phone to record the box dropping sounds on different surfaces. This of course does not create great quality audio but it works great for my needs as placeholder audio. I spent some time doing this because I could not decide what surface was best and found that the recorded audio sounded very different to what I was hearing. Once I had a collection of drops from both the tissue box and the cereal box, I loaded them onto my computer and gave them a listen. As expected, they were not very good and most did not fit the kind of sound I was hoping for or had the sound of two drops at once because of how the box fell. However, I was able to find 3 for both the tissue box and the cereal box that I found the best of the lot. So I cut them out of the long recording and saved them as separate audio files. I had to make sure I got as close to the beginning of the sound without cutting into it so that the sound would best fit a momentary action and could be called when the boxes collide with anything else. Hopefully we will not have to use these audio files for our final product, but it is definitely good to have them available for now so that when the audio students give us their box dropping sounds, we can easily implement them into the game without much change.


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