Lights to guide you

So I decided to try and make the level for Floob the jelly cube guide the player more. This was because our playtesting (as previously mentioned) was painfully demanding it. So to begin this, I thought I’d just light the intended path up, following the example of naughty dog with their critical path always being the lightest. This helped a little, but the spaces we didn’t want the player to go still looked inviting due to the ambient directional lighting. This needed to change. So I made the directional light much darker and removed almost all of the ambient light, so that there was a lot of contrast between the critical path lighting and the rest of the level. The final thing I had to do to try and guide the player through the level was to have shadows guide the player to specific parts of the level that were initially harder to find. For example, the section of the game where you need to go under a wall in the fridge to continue. Here I used shadows to emphasise that there was a gap in that portion of the level, however it may be necessary to use an arrow to blatantly guide them through there if they cannot find it. But that will need to be determined by future playtesting. I definitely look forward to seeing how this new lighting will affect the way in which players with navigate our level and look forward to learning what changes I can make to improve it further.


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