Who do I want to be?

I listened to a podcast today. It was Downloadable Context, and the particular podcast had Trent Kusters as a guest. Trent Kusters is an australian creative director, and cofounder of League of Geeks. In the podcast he spoke about his work and mentioned a few past experiences he learned from. I wanted to write about this particular podcast because I too would hope to be a creative director within the games industry. It was interesting getting to hear more detail about what a Trent does in his work and what a Creative Director’s role is within a games studio. For example Trent states in the podcast that his main job is trying to manage over 40 people across multiple countries and timezones to get them to collectively create one game. This particular part of his job is quite daunting for me, as I do not know if I would be able to manage a large amount of people very well at all. But I don’t want something like that to stop me from pursuing the goal of creative director since the role will never actually be the same in any studio and I can’t expect it to be. I also can’t expect to be going into a cozy easy job, it is going to be work no matter what it is. Before I get too afraid of my career aspirations, I should remember that a lot of what Trent said described almost exactly what I want to be doing one day. He stated that he was responsible for talking to the creators and telling them what he needed them to do, but rather than leaning over their shoulder the whole time they did it, he just let them go and be creative in their own way. He was aware that many of the people he was working with could do the tasks better than him and so he was letting them go and do it to their full potential rather than demanding they do specific things and simply asking them to colour in between the lines. So in summary, I feel that I would love to and look forward to hopefully directing and guiding the creative side of a game to create one concept, but I do not look forward to managing large amounts of people, since that is a very large task to take on and I feel I’d manage better with smaller numbers. This podcast and what Trent Kusters spoke about during it definitely impacted my understanding of the Creative director position, but it hasn’t pushed me away from aspiring to become one in my future.,.m


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