RatMan’s guidance

So I realised Floob still didn’t guide the player through the game enough. So I decided to turn the guidance up to 11. It began with adding arrows, little pink arrows that would guide the player. They were drawn somewhat sloppily to try and convey two things. The arrows were meant to be a sign that other cubes had gone before and where guiding you out of the supermarket. The second reason they were made that way was to try and convey where their inspiration came from; Portal’s Ratman. These arrows were placed at many points throughout the level making sure to always have at least one and often two within sight.

They were positioned to attract the players eye towards the path that was already lit up, so that they could see the path they need to take from a distance. After placing these arrows within the level, I realised the final section just did not make sense in and of itself. So in an attempt to explain how to complete it, I created a small drawing that graphically briefed the puzzles function. After putting this into the level, I realised that I could not just have the little drawing come out of nowhere. I would need to ease the player into the concept of the drawings and how to decipher them. So I went on to create 4 other drawings that explained other key obstacles that are in the level. I am excited to see how players respond to the new guidance as I for one am proud of how they accomplish their purpose.


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