I worked with a producer

Earlier this week I had a very interesting experience when I had the opportunity to work under a producer. I never considered what it would be like to be in that position, but it was strangely enjoyable. Working under Tony’s guidance did not feel like I was working too hard but still let me get multitudes done. Having the ability to have someone who was checking the progress on my work and others’ allowed me to have much more focus. The work was assigned to me in simple bite sized chunks that let me complete them quickly without feeling as though I had done enough. Tony acted as a steady ground for me to report in to and to get further task from when I ran out. He was there when issues arose and was ready to help me get problems fixed when I asked. While I did have what felt like large portions of the work done beforehand because other people needed it, I still got a lot done within the time even if it wasn’t strictly about what was going on. I already had my script for PR nightmare in a presentable condition because it had been asked of me two days prior so that films students would be able to work with the best possible, I already had a rule book in an almost final condition because that was needed for the submission months ago. I didn’t feel like I was doing enough work because I could see that there was more that others needed to do, but I already had done that work and for that I thanked past me for keeping deadlines.

The build of the game, while it was ready for submission, had some issues. So in the time that we had to do the previously stated work, I went and spoke with one of my team’s programmers to see if the issues could be fixed. This was another thing that ultimately needed to be done, but the acting producer hadn’t asked for it directly at that moment. The issues were not all able to be solved, but the ones that prevented the proper play of the game could be. So from this I decided that the game should be built with the minor cosmetic issues so that they could be given to Tony when needed (since it had been mentioned in previous days that it would be needed). So when the time came that Tony asked for builds to be ready the file was uploaded and moved into the correct place swiftly.

Another thing that I worked on during this time was collecting all the assets I could from the graphic designers for PR nightmare and getting them to be partially implemented. I spent some time replacing all the card backings for the game with the ones that had been provided so that they would be ready to print when the time came. This was a long and repetitive process but was ultimately less than others had to do due to the format that our cards were in from the start.


Thank you google drawings. When it came time to print there were a few hiccups where initially the downloaded document did not display the cards correctly because Microsoft word, the standard when downloading a google doc, couldn’t accept the google drawings correctly. So our text was wrapping all wrong and all the images were zoomed in. This lead to one of the great moments of help from Tony where I spoke to him about the issue and new how to solve it. I told him that the files needed to be re-downloaded as pdf’s instead so that the google drawings could be formatted correctly. He did this swiftly and was able deliver the new printings and was double checking that they looked correct. Frustratingly they had printed double sided but thankfully there was a double up so that all the sides could be cut out correctly (while they did end up with random printing on the back). Having someone there to help me with the issues that arose and also be there to keep my motivation up and my workload in manageable chunks was extremely helpful. I look forward to being able to work in an environment like that again, because it didn’t feel like work, it felt like problem solving.


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