HacknPlan screamed at me

HacknPlan is an interesting tool. I never really noticed the value of the tool until i started experiencing problems with the plan I was a part of. I was waiting on one other person in my group to have something completed so that I could begin work on another thing and be certain I wouldn’t break his work in the process. The only reason I knew I could not be working on what I needed to do was because we were using the HacknPlan. So it wasn’t entirely helping us get the work done, because if it did it would not be free to use and would literally be magical. What it was doing was screaming in our faces that we were not getting work done, to remind us to do it. I didn’t have to repeatedly ask the person I was waiting on if they were done, and they did not have to remember to tell me they were done. Having the ability to constantly check people’s progress and see if they were doing the work they had been assigned was very helpful for my peace of mind. If I had not had HacknPlan I most likely would have spent a large amount of time pulling out my own hair worrying for no reason (this was because our official project manager was having some medical issues so I stepped in to help him when he was having memory problems). Another great thing about using HacknPlan was not needing to constantly remember what I had been asked to do to the project after having discussed it in person. This was excellent for my memory since I did not have to juggle so many things. There is still, however, much more to be learnt so we can fully utilise HacknPlan’s features. We were not entirely using the time taken element as well as we could and did not fully utilise dependencies and priorities. So if we were able to use this not only would we be able to check each other’s progress but would also be able to manage our time within HacknPlan.


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