Lighting changes

While I was working on the light for Floob, I encountered many frustrating issues. Most of these stemmed from the way unity limits the number of complex lights as a standard. I repeatedly had lights that would not work within the space they should be because it was overloading. The lights were dimly lighting the spaces and were not casting any shadows. I fixed this by simply increasing the Pixel Light count in the Project’s quality settings


However. In an attempt to further tweak this number, however, I accidentally broke the ambient lighting in the level. So we went from having this lighting:


To having this:


Thankfully this justs meant I needed to increase the ambient light intensity in the lighting window. Few.

There was also feedback that one specific section of the level that required the player to jump across the ceiling lights was too difficult and may be solved by having a shadow cast onto the surfaces so that the player can know where to land. I had a play with this idea and found that some lighting could help a little bit, but what helps most is rotating the platforms 90 degrees so that the landing space is more forgiving to momentum. But this rotation also allowed for more surface to cast shadows onto. So both improvements complimented each other.


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