VR sounds. They’re actually important?

The audio choices for Cookie defense VR were very much inspired by the original 2D version. There was sounds for firing, sounds for losing lives and background misc. This was all very simple to replicate since I could simply take the sounds previously used and play them when needed. The sounds are very much needed as I have become aware. After watching someone playtest the game without audio, I could see that they would spend more time looking at the scenery and shooting aimlessly when there wasn’t any enemies in their direct sight. But once they had headphones plugged in, they realised that they were losing lives every time an enemy reached their platform. There was also haptic feedback for when the player fired the cannon which added to the music and firing sounds  to entertain the player with the limited interactions.

Another part that I noticed having drastic impact on the player’s awareness was sound when enemies spawned. Initially I thought the rate at which enemies spawned may be too high for players because the enemies were getting very close early on. But once I added a sound for when enemies spawned there was an immediate change. Enemies rarely got close to the platform since the player was immediately aware of their presence the moment they appeared.

Another key piece of audio that let the player respond quicker and manage higher levels of enemies was the addition of a sound that signified when an enemy was hit by a projectile. This sound let players look away from the enemy they were shooting to fire at others and still know if the projectile hit. This is very important due to the slower projectile speed and the fact that enemies come from all directions.

You can really notice it in this video: 


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