HCD nightmare

Well, we really could have used a detailed HCD for PR nightmare. As explained by this document, the purpose of a high concept document is to catch the eye and to quickly explain why a particular game is should be played and why someone would enjoy or at least appreciate the experience. We didn’t have this for PR nightmare. The game was very much a train wreck. We hadn’t actually considered why someone would enjoy playing it, we sort of just assumed that they would enjoy arguing, but also kinda enjoy the ridiculous situations. We never even considered if the two ‘sources of joy’ would blend well. This was extremely clear when the end result came about. Our ideas repeatedly felt half baked due to our lack of solid foundation. A key reason why we never had a HCD was due to our repeated situation changes because we just could not come up with a good idea to stick to. By the time we had come up with the idea we would run with, our pitch was over and done and we’d moved onward. If we had a set HCD ready for our pitch, we would have had an opportunity to look at our situation and seen how terrible it was before pitching. We also would have been able to have a proper understanding of the reason we wanted people to play PR nightmare to then have a better basis for the game itself. When it came to Floob, we did have a HCD, and oh boy did we benefit. The whole team had a solid understanding of what the game was about and why Floob was a game people would want to play.This really helped us when we were making decisions as a team and we all had something to fall back on when we weren’t sure. I don’t really want to go back to doing a project without an HCD, because that’s kinda like making a game that has absolutely zero direction, yes it has infinite possibilities, but it would ultimately become a mutated pile or trash like when homer tried to build a bbq pit.


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