There’s a reason they’re called Art Bibles

So do you remember way back when I made that super mario world 1-1 remake? Yeah… I’m cringing too. Anyhoo, One major thing I was missing when it came to making that game, was a bloody art bible. The one thing I had most free reign over was the one thing I planned the worst (not the sausage). If you can think back to when I blogged about creating the art for the project, you could quite easily see that I had little to no direction what so ever. But, if I had had an Art Bible, man would it have been different. I would have had a much better plan for how to approach the new sprites and maybe even come up with some of my ideas earlier on in the development process. I didn’t even know what kind of colour scheme I wanted to go for, or if i wanted to go for something pixelated or drawn. I didn’t know what assets I wanted and I didn’t really know how I wanted to convey Marcel Duchamp’s work through it. It was all just one big trash heap. That’s why I ended up with the utter monstrosities I used, like, what even is this:



I feel like I could have made a much better product if I had just sat down and thought about the art, before diving right into making it. But I guess hindsight is 2020. I know that Floob had much better results thanks to its art bible and how it could be used to describe to our 3D modelers what we were looking for with their product. Come to think of it, it could have been really helpful to have fleshed out or wants and desires for the audio in the same way. Because I think that would have greatly improved all the audio we received, rather than having to edit or scrap a fair amount of it.
Image result for the more you know gif


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