Getting into the building of my rooms

So I should probably write down my process for building my rooms for the concept of Shared House, so that, when it comes time to build more for the continuation of the project, I can make better ones. To begin, I began by simply making an extended rectangular prism, because the first room was just a simple box. Then came time to add the trim to the walls, so that I could make the transition between the walls and the floor much nicer. As I was doing this I needed to make the door trim and I also decided to add a window, with windowsill, in the process. So the room was kind of shaped like a normal room now, but It was all just white. I really wanted to keep with the visual style of the assets I had found to populate the room when deciding how to texture/colour the room. The models I had found were low poly and had face colouring with very soft colours to keep a cartoon esc. Style. I took care to choose colours that were not harsh and had a feel of warmth to them, so that I could match the models and make the room feel homely. This resulted with a room looking like this:  

Screenshot (1).png

But this was only the beginning, there was still lots to do with the possible shapes the room could take on and possible feature walls to attract attention and create contrast. The second room  I built was an ‘L’ shape, and had a ceiling cutting into it. I chose this shape so that the room could be memorable for the player, it was also to be able to create a sense of altitude, comfort and isolation while also being completely open. I chose to make the wall being cut into by the roof into a feature wall to attract the player’s eye and to tie the two ends of the ‘L’ shape together. But the feature wall really wouldn’t work by having a stark separation between the normal colour and the feature colour, so I added trimming to the feature wall to emphasise it and highlight the separation while also making it feel less sudden. Here’s what that one looks like:

Screenshot (3).png

The final room was probably the most interesting to build, due to its split level supported by pillars, the stairs to connect them, and the railing that separates them. First Up I wanted to make a room that had an elevated bedroom section because that’s always been a dream of mine, and they’re super interesting. But then I also wanted to make the room be more than a bedroom, so I transformed the section beneath the bed into a home cinema and also had a spacious office with large couches. But that’s besides the point. What was really interesting was creating the railing, pillars, and stepladder to fit the visual style of all my other assets. I made sure to keep simple faces and trying to imply intricate detail with simple volumes. For example with the pillars, I wanted to imply detail like these:


To do this I created pillars like this:


I then continued this motif through the ladder and the railing, making the theme of the room connected and singular. I’m pretty pleased with how the final room turned out, the only downside currently is that it is a little too large to populate the way I want to without creating more models to fit the visual style of those I got from the store. But all in good time.


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