Question and Answer

We changed many things about floob during the process of development, as most games do. Most of these changes came after having a playtesting session. One  major piece of feedback we got from our first decently sized playtest was that the camera just was not good enough. What we had initially intended with having a fixed angle camera that rotated to face the sides when the player was on the edges of the map was making people extremely disoriented. The players repeatedly felt that they wanted move the camera themselves, even slightly. So what we did was to completely change the way our camera functioned and instead made it so the player can fully rotate the camera with a limited y axis then giving the player more freedom of vision within the level. Upon the next playtest there was absolutely no problem with the camera for the people playing, so we moved on to other problems, like the light jumping section, or the significant use of unnecessary invisible walls. To get feedback on things like this, I wanted to try and get the player to write about what stood out to them so that they could be both positive and negative, letting me get an understanding of how they felt whilst playing, while also having questions that asked for the player to label issues they found for themselves whilst playing.

For example, one of the questions I had was “Describe a moment that stood out to you most whilst playing”. This was an attempt to get the player to describe their play story both good and bad. However, I found that the question was probably much too vague because the answer I got were very much vague and non-descriptive. Often the player would simply describe a mechanic of the jelly cube, rather than a moment that they experienced. I’m not sure how to word the question to discourage this and encourage more involved answers, it may very well just be that nobody really wants to write a large amount of text about anything when they can write a few words and get enough across. There’s still much to learn, I think there always will be, but for now I’ve definitely benefitted from having a questionnaire when playtesting, I just need to focus more on how to get people to start writing, and find ways to get targeted information without blatantly pressuring the player into saying something specific. I hope to learn just that one day, but the only way to really learn is to fail.


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