TDD’s. Write them, or spend all your time fixing something you don’t understand.

So, Floob right? It could have been so much better if we had just sat down and written a TDD. But what is a TDD I hear you asking?(pretend you’re asking here) Well, a TDD, is a Technical Design Document. A TDD can serve as a set of instructions that can map out how the game’s scripts communicate with each other and what parts of them can be tweaked and in what way. The document also acts as Tracker for how things can, and probably will, go wrong and also can contain solutions or alternatives to these things if and when they do go wrong. This was one of the major things we were missing when it came to Floob. You may not be aware, but we as a team wasted a large amount of time being completely unsure about whether or not the jelly cube would actually be able to resize for a large portion of our development. This was due to the strange way unity’s spring joints worked, which was the core of how we made the jelly look like, well… jelly. If we had taken the time early on to sit and consider where this could fall apart, we probably could have made a plan early on for how to work around the jelly cubes wobbly nature. We probably also could have avoided the hazy line between designed movement and programmed movement, the designers could have been much more involved with how the player moved rather than simply stating what it should do and crossing their fingers and hoping that it works. We also would have massively benefitted from having a recorded way in which the jelly cube and the rest of the game would work, so that we wouldn’t have to have just one person having any idea how the jelly cube worked and what would and wouldn’t destroy it with a single touch. Because from what we had, there was one person who knew exactly how the cube worked and why things happened, there was another who knew some of the scripts behind it but wasn’t really confident enough to dive in a start helping out, and the rest of us who were treating the cube like schrodinger’s cat, just hoping that if we waited long enough the the cube would be working when we opened the box. This really negatively affected us because it chewed up almost half our time simply trying to make the jelly move like jelly. I do not want to have to waste that much time on a project again, and I would much rather spend the time improving on the game rather than making sure its not broken before shipping. But I sadly cannot change the past, no matter what hat I wear.

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