Studio 2 Goals

So what do I aim to get out of studio 2? Well, surprisingly and almost too conveniently, studio 2 is about creating the types of games that I want to create in my future. These games being more heavily focused on emotion more than actually being games (if you want to look at it that way). So, I hope to get the skills and knowledge that will be critical to my hopes for my future career. I want to learn how to add emotional meaning to my design because I, being a budding artist, want to learn how to add intentional and directed meaning and emotion to a game. But what I feel as though I only know how to add emotion that I want to a game, but I want to learn how to add emotion that I didn’t think of myself. This is because it will not be likely that I will be leading anything large going straight into the industry, so I need to learn how to take my desire to create emotion and apply it to someone else’s plan. Another important thing that I will get from studio 2 is an opportunity to work on games that aren’t simply copies or combinations of other games. I will get to create games that will stand on their own rather than being shadowed by similar, but better funded, games. This is important because games like these have a better chance of being recognised by a wider audience and have much more credibility when it comes to viewing my entire portfolio of work. So, in short, what can I get out of studio 2? A lot. A better understanding of my career goals, a more individual portfolio, and a few more games under my belt. (wow that was cheesy)


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