Time to check in

So basically, I’m borrowing heavily from PT to create this game. This is because it’s heavily reliant on the repeating rooms. I built it initially with just the room and the loop continuing around, but I did not feel it was disorienting enough since it simply felt like I was going into a new room each time. So what I tried to do to combat this was to create an introduction section, similar to the starting room in PT. I took the opportunity to orient the player with this introduction by theming it around a church and giving the player a taste of the outside before they are trapped inside. This introduction would lead the player into the room that is repeated, initially by entering through an exit door, the player then can spend as long as they’d like in the room, but once they leave, the looping begins and the player cannot get out of the room until the end.

Another part of the game that I want to and have been emphasising is a feeling of sensory overload. During the panic attack I had, i felt like I was hearing everything and also not hearing anything, like an overwhelming murmur. I felt like people’s movement was too much for my eyes to consume, and the noise deafening and I just needed to leave. So to try and recreate this, I have added a few audio elements and hope to add visual noise effects if I can overcome some hurdles. One of the audio effects i have used is a ‘shimmer source’ which circles the player and plays one of two different sounds to try to disorient the player (depending on where in the game the player is).

Another thing I have done is I have played with the sound of the crowd, at some points the crowd will be silent, and at others the crowd will be loud, and at the pinnacle of panic attack the crowd is echoing and getting louder repetitively, then it’s silent and the player is outside. I hope to add 3 visual effects that increase in intensity as the game progresses if I can. These being Noise and Scratches, Motion Blur, and Bloom. All three combined can convey a good idea of my feeling of sensory overload. But I am yet to figure out how to take unity’s premade visual effects and add them to the camera in runtime without breaking the y look axis. But I can dream.


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