Night Spirits

I have chosen to create a video game adaptation of Tracey Moffatt’s ‘Night Spirits’. Tracey Moffatt is an Australian photographer and film maker born in Queensland in 1960. Her work often is concerned with the issues that indigenous Australians face such as poverty, displacement, and racism. However, she does not wish to be categorised as an aboriginal artist, as she finds the term encourages stereotypes.

Image result for tracey moffatt night spirits

Tracey Moffatt’s ‘Night Spirits’ shows strange things floating about the landscapes pictured. These things are a representation of lives and history lost in the colonisation of Australia, and is what Moffatt was hoping to depict with the work. It creates a sense of unease and illuminates the night, showing what is normally left unseen. When Moffatt was taking these images, she spent a lot of time in the dark setting up the camera and experiencing a fear that heightened her senses and made the hairs on her neck stand up. These things combined create a peaceful but unsettling environment. I hope to try and recreate this feeling.

Image result for tracey moffatt night spirits

I want to create a feeling of being inside the picture and looking through Moffatt’s eyes during the time when she was producing the collection. But I want to create the feeling like there is more than an ethereal unseen presence in the Australian countryside. I wanted there to be a real presence that could spark a sense of fear in the player. So I created a person that teleports around the place, not entirely noticeable at first but enough to create the sense of unease. To create a visual style that was similar to the photo series, I used 3 different tools, lighting and two different visual effects. These were to make the image look as though it was coming from a camera, with an of centre flash and overexposure due to the darkness. This is to tie it to Moffatt’s work more than just creating a slender clone.

nightSpirits Demo1.gif

An important part of recreating the feeling of looking at Moffatt’s ‘Night Spirits’ is the dust motes and misty clouds that she links to lives lost due to Australia’s colonisation. These are important to making the visuals look like the work and are important to delivering the same meaning as ‘Night Spirits’. So to follow this I have made an emphasis on the particles in what I have created so far.
Its not quite there yet, I feel like I need to use different colours, other than red, to get the feeling of the whole piece rather than just one image. I also feel like there needs to be something that adds to the feeling of Australia that the images clearly had. But models are so hard to find as it is.


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