Time to work with Music

So we’ve started a new project. This time the brief is to make a ‘musicvideogame’. But there’s a twist, this time we aren’t the ones with the vision, we are working for a client who is supplying the music track. The artist my team is working with is known as Jbox  and he creates mostly electronic dance, or EDM. Often his music has very beachy themes to it and it appears to be a running theme in both his album artwork and the pieces themselves.


To try and create a fitting musicvideogame for the tracks Jbox is asking for, it is important to research into some visual themes that occur within his style of music. So what themes does EDM have? Well for starters it is much too broad for our goals, so it would be much better to look more at the specific tracks by Jbox and look for his visual themes. The tracks he wants to be prioritised for the music video game are especially beachy and summer nightlife esc. One uses a lot of bends with with the guitar and bass line giving the feeling of rolling waves. At the start of each bar has deeper bass sounds in the on beats giving emphasis to the steady and calm flow of the song, and then on the off beats there is a sharper spike creating a pace and emphasising the upbeat nature of the song. The deeper on beats leave space for more playful use of the guitar and makes it so that the listener’s focus can be more on the small higher guitar bends then being taken back to the beat by the clap sound. To try and echo this in the video game, we could make larger but steadier colour changes based on the on beat bass and have bright sudden changes on the off beat but again being large. Then with the higher guitar bends we could make small but bright pinpoint changes that would make the player focus on the points rather than the entire screen, fully visualising the feeling of listening to the music.


The second track Jbox wants to be focussed on has a lot of the same themes to do with on and off beats, but often removes the crisp beat and replaces it with a focus on bass and plays a lot more with guitar bends creating an almost reggae vibe, but not quite. So with this track it’d be important to focus on the way these play and put less emphasis on the sharper beats.
Sadly I cannot give you any examples of these tracks we are working with since they are unreleased. But I am absolutely loving them and can’t wait to see where we can take this project. However, there are still good examples of his themes in Jbox’s tracks which you can find here.


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