How do others do music?

So when considering the fact we are working on a musicvideogame, it would probably be a good idea to look at how other audio driven games function and how they emphasise on their music. So to start this, I had a look BIT.TRIP runner 2 <insert rest of title here>. The way the game takes traditional Mario style platforming and turns it into a music driven experience. All the collectables and obstacles in the game correspond with beats or a melody of sorts. But while they are placed this way, does not make each the same tone based on what they are, even when they are played a second time if the player fails to complete the run on the first try(which happened to me a lot). This made it feel like you were composing the music every time you ran the level because each time you ran it was something new. This was a good look at something that took a game and made music with it, but the musicvideogame we are trying to make is much more focused on the music and a laid back feeling then BIT.TRIP runner 2. So i moved on to looking at Panoramical. This was so much more fitting to our goal with what our game. While it is still a live composition of the music, it is so much more laid back. So looking more into Panoramical’s methods I could see that it didn’t focus on keeping to the music with every element of the level, and often just kept the feeling with the music. This also happened most with the steady music pieces, so when the music was upbeat and fast pace it would keep with the notes. So with what we are creating, like my previous blog post about this game, it would be good for us to focus on keeping with the notes and beats. But, like with Panoramical, we should keep away from drastic changes unless we are aiming to emphasise heavily on the beats. Something else that Panoramical does really well is it’s capacity for visually pleasing combinations of elements. There are many occasions where you can combine the pieces just right to make something that is pleasing to the eye. So this is something we need to focus on when choosing our colours and where they appear in the screen.


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