Making progress


So we’re working with a client, as I’ve already spoken about earlier. But, how’s it going? Well that’s a good question. Like most things, it’s a mix of good and bad. So far, what we have created for the project has been received really well by our client. But this is what worries me. Because I still feel as though our scope is too unclear, so it feels like pretty much everything is good which means we have no direction. It feels like we don’t have a clear idea of the visual style of the game and the mechanics seem unclear. We know we want a car that drives down a road while the music changes elements on the road. But the movement of the car, the songs we use, what elements we change, and how the road functions all seem to be unclear. I know this is part of the project being still in development, but I feel like this is something that could cause problems on the next few days. But onto more positive things, our client is definitely happy with what we have made so far. This: drive loop w trees (8)
I need to talk to the team more to make sure that is just me who is worried about the scope. I’m sure it’s just me overreacting. If I can talk to the team we can get solutions to these unknowns that make me worried. Another thing I am worried about is what I am meant to be doing next. After I created the basics for the level, I was left with not much to do, so I went ahead and started working on a terrain generator. But I’m not sure if I’m jumping the gun or avoiding working on a more important thing that I don’t know about. I could probably talk to our project lead to figure out what I’m meant to do. So far though, he seems to be ok with me working on the terrain generating system. It’s looking like the microsoft pipes screen saver:Copy of terrain gen


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