How this project feels

Some people say it’s difficult working on someone else’s project, because it’s hard to find your own motivation. But with this current project, I haven’t been finding that. If anything, I’m finding it difficult to work on other things. This is probably because of a few things. Often with projects for clients, you are involved less in the construction of an idea than with a self directed project. But because our client was very loose with his plan, we as a team were able to form an idea together, which let me be influential on the idea process and have more passion for the project. Also, often people working on external clients projects find it difficult to have interest on what they’re working on, but with the need for a terrain generation system, I have always had something to focus my attention on with full interest. Ever since our client mentioned the desire for an infinite shuffle mode, I was thinking about a terrain generation system, and so I have been focussing a large amount of my attention on building the system as you can see in the previous blog. So I haven’t had to waste any time on finding motivation or passion since it was there from the start. The only difficulties in my understanding is a loose structure because of the clients broad idea from the beginning as I spoke about earlier and a confusion in the communication with our animators and our programmer, but this is most likely because I am not the project manager so it isn’t important for me to be communicating with these people, and I am just feeling stressed because I am not aware of every element of the project, which is something that I can’t do in my position (or probably will never be able to do without being the sole person working on the project). I could probably smooth this out by being in more contact with Izzy (our project manager) or to ask him to keep a better record of what our externals are doing. But I’m not sure that will fix anything because I already have a pretty good idea of what they are doing and I still feel this way. I can’t be certain, but it’s not a large amount of concern, since other than this, the project is going great.


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