Management plans

With this new project, it is clearly a good idea to try and get our project management sorted out. Looking back at our previous game, we had some pretty decent project management. Izzy was our project manager and he did quite well at keeping in touch with all of our team, including our collaborators. However, I often was unsure about what to do next, and decided to go forward and do what I thought needed to be done. However, while this was an issue, the project was still delivered on time and was working full. The only things that could have been done would have been further extensions of the game, rather than features or polish. For project 4 I would like to take this level of communication with our collaborators if I can. Because it constantly felt as though they knew what was going on and I felt like I was aware of their progress at all times. I would also like to improve the work list so I and my team can better know what is needed to be done. To do this, it is important to have a larger list of what needs to be done, and also an order of priority. This should let us create lists of what needs to be done in each day and should let us move on to more work if we run out and find ourselves needing more to do. This could be difficult though because it will require us to think about our project in a great amount of detail before it comes time to implement it. Because it is almost impossible to know all of the needed elements at the start of working, we’ll need to be able to update this list as we go. This could bring about issues because it may result in feature creep. I am a little concerned with how I will be able to implement this because I will be the sole designer on this project, so taking on that role as well as being the project manager will almost definitely be too much for me. So it will be best for another member of the team to be the project manager. This will probably result in slightly different methods of project management, but for the sake of my sanity, it will need to be done. Being the vision holder I would not do well being the project manager, because the game would definitely be wrought with feature creep. But, even with all this preparation and consideration, we will clearly run into more problems and so can only be so prepared.


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