Preparing for analytics

The analytics we are planning to gather from this playtest are a few things. We are collecting the positions of the controllers and the head every 5 seconds, the objects that are picked up and when they are picked up. We also want to record when the player interacts with the object to see when they need to read clearer text rather than the handwritten text. However, the ui is not yet functioning fully, so that is yet to be implemented and may be removed in the end. The reason we want to record these things is to know more about the players movements and what they interacted with. Because the game is about finding hidden secrets, it’s important to know what they found and how much they paid attention to it.  It is also nice to know where the player went to see if they went to the space of a secret but never found it. For example, one major secret requires a few steps to gain access to it. First you have to find one of the three places in the room that a 3 number code can be found, these being on a sticky note and on t. They the have to two pieces of paper (the sticky note having it underlined and the papers being part of a 6 number code they then have to take that three number code and put it into the lock on the chest, something that should not be hard to find. They then need to open the chest and pick up the objects inside. This process could have hiccups, so we need to know what they interacted with and when to see what told them the code and whether they recognised it when they saw it. Looking at what Nic Lyness experienced from his analytics it seems that he was only able to gather information about position and guidance rather than writing through his analytics. He was able to use a survey to figure out whether or not his writing was insensitive or missing the mark. So, I think that it may be difficult to get the right information about people’s thoughts without a questionnaire, but that will just be a limitation set upon me that I’ll need to work around. You can read about his experience here 

I hope to use the information that I can gather to better position or signpost secrets depending on their level of importance. But only time will tell what I can change.


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