Analytics n stuff

So during this project, we got a lot of our feedback through analytics, but what did we learn? Well, from investigating the analytics I discovered a few things. One major things was that people did not know how to use the combination lock. So my initial concerns about people not being able to find the code for the combination lock were not a large problem, the issue was people working the lock itself. Because they didn’t know how to use the lock, they would just brush over it and never think of finding the things inside. To fix this I created a new game tutorial in the menu that required you to use a lock before you can play the game. Another thing that we discovered from the analytics was that people like to throw things in vr, a lot. This really distracted people from the purpose of the game because they didn’t read the text on objects, they just threw things about. To help stop this, we really limited what people could use and stopped them from moving larger objects, but this didn’t entirely fix the problem since they could still throw things. This is always going to be an issue in new VR games, people are mostly interested in understanding the physics. One way we may have been able to fix this further would be to stop the throw force from being added. This would make throwing things really unsatisfying and disappointing but may have frustrated people. Finally, one thing we weren’t able to learn from the analytics is what people couldn’t read and used the UI interaction to get clearer text. This is because the UI was not used in the end because it was going to take too much time to get working properly. From what is seen from watching people play and talking to them afterwards, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t read. I could have gathered better detail if I had used a survey, but it’s a little too late now. All in all, we learnt a fair bit from the analytics, we were able to make sure that people could find the things that we wanted to, and were able to minimise the distractions in the game. We would have been able to refine our hand written text more if we had our UI system working, but it wasn’t an important element of the game, and it still worked well without it.


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