Learning about sheds

So I have a possible project coming up that would require me to create a shed designing app. But of course I have no idea what it takes to create a shed designing app, or what they need to be able to do. So, I looked at what already existed. Starting off with the Shed Boss android and web app, which through discussions seems to cover most if not all the areas needed for the project. There were some obvious improvements that could be made. For example, having a web app that worked in more than just internet explorer and firefox, and having a UI that doesn’t obstruct so much of the view. But most of the other features could be mostly recreated with minor improvements and adjustments to fit the client’s needs. But for the sake of better improvements, I had a look into what other apps exist for the same purpose, to see what they had on offer. For example, the Fair Dinkum Sheds app has quite a few improvements on the shed boss app. For example, fair dinkum sheds lets you enable and disable each wall of the shed individually unlike the shed boss app. This makes customizing the shed much easier. The fair dinkum sheds app also allows the user to adjust lean to’s with more detail, adding them to any shed type and being able to tweak their height and roof angle individually.  This gives the user so much more freedom with the designs, but, depending on the company, they may not want to offer these features upfront but prefer people ask them directly for the additions.


A lot of what will need to be done for this project is up in the air at the moment. So there can’t be any final decisions made at this point. But this research will be very helpful for how to make the decisions when the time comes. One key thing we will need to do on this project is to make sure that the program can easily be used by the target audience. Most of these apps would be used by older people whose knowledge of games and computers in general can’t be relied upon. So things will need to be clearly labeled with text and icons, and it is paramount that we test with the target audience before we deliver to the clients. So we can know to the best of our abilities that it is suited to the target audience. To make sure this is done right, more research will need to be done into what suits our audience better. But that’s for another day.


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